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Welcome to Kuawai Technology!

Kuawaitech Co. is a casino gaming supplier located in Macau. We specialise in slot machines and refurbishing parts. Our one-stop service will fuel you with high quality and cost effective solutions that will perform for your gaming business needs.

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Integration between systems

Be it software or hardware, concept or design, ultimately everything has to integrate holistic and interdisciplinary. We are here to meet the challenges of effective functional systems of complexity within your constraints.

Vastly improved security network
Trusted and Reliable Machines and Parts

With our systems in place, your machines are protected against operation disruption, which help keep everyone happy. Stability and coherism also helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance.

Ultimately, it is about your business’s reputation, which is one of your most important assets.

User friendly design & easy to use features
User friendliness

We have tested and sold over 1000 units of slot machines and its parts and user experience is what we focus on, other than pure usability. Such intuitivity is necessary as it is often these accomodations that lead to the growth of customer base.